Eco Friendly Modular Homes

Hi-Tech Modular Homes are manufactured in our factory. The cost-benefit of centralised manufacture along with our sustainable and eco-friendly construction methodology enables us to pass on the savings to make our houses affordable.
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Sustainable Construction

Hi-Tech Modular Homes espouse sustainable design and construction principles throughout our "in-factory" manufacture of houses within a short timeframe. Eco-friendly construction where we centrally control waste, waste recycling, and our construction workers perform their tasks without being exposed to the harsh weather elements resulting in optimal productivity.

On the day of house installation transport is minimal delivering substantial emissions reduction in comparison to the constant movement of heavy vehicles throughout the construction cycle with the on-site building.

Eco-friendly Construction Homes

Off the Grid

We currently offer affordable solar panel and battery storage technology for all your power requirements. Further to this we can provide complete rainwater tank collection systems and septic systems for a complete off-the-grid lifestyle. Never relying on outside sources again.

Affordable Solar Panel
Rainwater Tank Collection Systems

Head office and Display Centre

1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly
NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

Postal Address: PO Box 56, Bringelly
NSW 2556


1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly, NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

4090 The Golden Highway, Elong Elong, NSW 2831 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.
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