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5 crucial mistakes to avoid

when building your dream home that will cost you thousands!

And what to do instead!

Hi-Tech Modular Homes

Hi-Tech Modular Homes is a pioneer in modular construction for over 30 years in NSW.

Our houses are built in our factory in modular components in as little as 8 weeks. On completion, the house is transported to site. The installation takes a maximum of 2 days, allowing you to move into your new home much faster. Hi-Tech Modular Homes is a pioneer in modular construction for over 30 years in NSW.

8 Week Build time

Fast efficient build - from start to completion in 8 weeks.

2 Day installation

Minimal site interruption - your home is built in our factory.

Quality Built Homes

Built under strict quality control conditions, using high quality materials.

In-House Design

Our team will assist you in designing a home that suits your site and lifestyle.

Why Hi-Tech Modular Homes

Enjoy a memorable home building journey where you receive complete transparency, regular communication and a personalised service. Partner with a builder who stands apart for all the right reasons.
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Head office and Display Centre

1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly
NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

Postal Address: PO Box 56, Bringelly
NSW 2556


1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly, NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

4090 The Golden Highway, Elong Elong, NSW 2831 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.
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