Were you affected by the recent bushfires?

Were you affected by the recent bushfires?
Did you know you can install a Hi-Tech Home on your site without council approval?

In the wake of the recent bushfire devastation, local government has acted with assistance to bushfire affected communities in the form of immediate amendments to the Local Government Regulations (Manufactured Homes Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Amendment (Bush Fire Response) Regulation 2020 (Local Government Regulation). This will assist in the provision of emergency accommodation for persons affected by bushfires.

What does this mean?

People whose homes have been badly damaged in a bushfire can install a moveable dwelling, such as a manufactured home, on land without council approval for up to two years.

For example: Peter and Sue are unable to live in their home after it was significantly damaged in a bushfire. Peter and Sue can install and stay in a moveable dwelling, such as a Hi-Tech Home, on their own or their neighbour’s land (provided the neighbour has given consent) without council approval for up to two years while they rebuild their own home. If Peter and Sue wish to stay beyond two years, they will need to get council approval.

Hi-Tech Homes have a vast range of suitable homes which meet these required regulations. Ideally the home would be 60 sq m or under.

Why build a Hi-Tech Home?

  • With site access difficulties due to the on-going clean up in fire effected regions, this means we can begin construction of your home off site, straight away. Your property can be cleared and debris removed, without the clean-up process delaying the construction of your new home. 
  • Faster build time – as our homes are built in a controlled environment, we can work 24/7 to ensure your home is completed on time. No build delays due to bad weather, rain or issues with ongoing bushfires in the region.
  • Affordability - building in a controlled factory environment ensures a reduction in project costs associated with labour and materials. These cost savings can be passed on to our clients.
  • Site flexibility – modular construction means your Hi-Tech Home can be picked up and moved at anytime in the future. Options to resell home in future if needed.
  • Service remote locations - ability to service remote locations cost effectively. All construction is done in our factory, so only 2 days are required on your site to install your new home.
  • We are experienced in building in Bushfire Prone Areas and can build homes to a rating of BAL FZ, suitable for Flame Zone regions.


With a build time of as little as 8 weeks, and our 2 day installation, we can have you back on your property in no time.

If you were affected by the recent bushfires and need help rebuilding, please phone Hi-Tech Homes on 02 4774 8388.

Click here to read more about these new regulations

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