Manufactured Homes vs. Bricks & Mortar Construction - Which is Best?

The Manufactured Home industry in Australia is only in its infancy. New home statistics suggest that its current 0.6% share of the market is in a serious upward trend that could see Manufactured Homes Globally occupying as much as 9% of the new home market.

Manufactured Homes make real sense when you consider the cost and speed [of build] compared to bricks and mortar construction. Inevitably, speed becomes a cost that with Manufactured Homes, those costs are controlled. Rural and Sub-Rural construction are great examples; with the level of construction in the major cities booming, attracting trades to rural projects is increasingly difficult and known to be unreliable which causes blowouts in timeframes and costs.

We are also seeing development strategy and site solution considerations play a major part too. Quite often clients have a long-term strategy for their land – potential re-zoning or development funding limitations which bricks and mortar provide very little flexibility. Manufactured Homes can provide a “soft” development solution, by not sterilizing the site while you wait for the re-zoning or can afford to develop a larger project.

The construction quality of a Manufactured Home equals or betters traditional on-site builds. What is crucial for high standards is, process and quality reviews daily at of every stage of construction, and within a controlled environment. Unlike slab on ground, with Manufactured Homes, the supervision is in the factory and each project is constantly reviewed every day for quality and progress.

There will always be opinions on Manufactured Homes versus Bricks and Mortar construction. Though, as a finished home, manufactured can attract savings of up to 25%, which makes them a compelling and real game changer for your next home.

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