Meet Our Owner

Owner of Hi-Tech Modular Homes

My name is Steve Grimson and I am the owner of Hi-Tech Modular Homes.

As a business owner for almost 40 years I understand how competitive the building industry is today.

That is why I, along with my team, have developed a building system that allows us to build faster and more affordably than other builders.

Hi-Tech Modular Homes have the solution for your building needs whether you are looking for an amazing custom build or a small affordable home we have the skill to build it, fast and affordably.

My guarantee to you

* Quality built affordable homes and granny flats
* Faster build time than on-site builds, 8-12 weeks from start to finish
* Sustainable construction as virtually no waste
* Versatile - dwelling can be moved/relocated in future if required
* We will 'deliver your dream'

At Hi-Tech Modular Homes we are proud of our past achievements and excited about our future.

My personal journey

As a state ward I was adopted at an early age by a couple that never owned a home and for many years we lived in sheds or caravans. I believe, no one in this great country should have to live like that or worse still live on the street and die on the street like my brother did.

My mission at Hi-Tech Modular Homes is to develop affordable housing. We can build a lovely studio home for as little as $29,000 yep twenty nine thousand dollars, so why is anyone homeless? In my opinion, the Government does not care enough about those with no voice. But if we unite, then we can change this sad reality for many Australians.

So when you build with Hi-Tech Modular Homes you are also contributing to the Hi-Tech Modular Homes housing for the homeless project, which enables us to provide low cost homes and low cost rentals for those the Government doesn't want to know.

I look forward to working with you to ‘deliver your dream’ which will help us realise our dream, that everyone has access to a quality affordable home.

Thank you
Steve Grimson

Head office and Display Centre

1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly
NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

Postal Address: PO Box 56, Bringelly
NSW 2556


1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly, NSW 2556 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.

4090 The Golden Highway, Elong Elong, NSW 2831 - Factory Visits by Appointment Only.
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