Why should I buy a relocatable home?

There are many reasons but perhaps the most compelling is site flexibility.

Traditional building methods sterilise your site. They need to be demolished if you ever want the site back in instances where your land is re-zoned and the developer wants vacant land. If you decide to put in a Granny Flat and, at some stage in the future, want your yard back, call us and we’ll buy the Granny Flat back.

Are Hi-Tech Homes as strong as a brick veneer home?

We believe Hi-Tech Homes are stronger. Try putting a brick veneer home on the back of a truck and transporting it (sometimes for hundreds of kilometres) over rough roads. Our homes stand up to this test every single day.

How long do you take to build a home?

Our build time varies from 8 to 12 weeks, subject to the design and finishes.

Can I have a customised design?

Yes, we can build ultra-modern or contemporary facades. Internally, we can finish the home to whatever specifications you require. Most of the homes we build are custom-made to each the client’s specific needs.

Are your contracts a fixed price?

Yes – we do not hide costs and, unlike most other builders, we can offer you a fixed- price contract. The price on the contract is the price you pay, no extras. We pride ourselves on working openly with our clients.

Will you come out to our site to discuss our requirements?

Yes – just provide us with:

  • A current Section 10.7 (2) certificate (149 Certificate) 
  • A drainage diagram (if applicable)
  • And we will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet you on site. Give us a call for more information
How long will you be on our land?

This is a common question. Unlike traditional builders who will disrupt your site for 24 to 28 weeks (or more) Hi-Tech Homes are only on your site for 2 or 3 days. All the work is done in our factory, not on your land.

What is the payment plan?

32.5% LOCK UP
2.5% FINAL

Will Hi-Tech Homes look after the Council documents?

Yes - Hi-Tech Homes will lodge all the necessary documentation with your Council. This is included in our price! We will work through the approval process with the Council.

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